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DIY Food Dehumidifier kit

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  • +1 Make your own delicious biltong, beef jerky, dried fruit and fruit leathers at home.
  • +1 Venison (Deer, Kangaroo or Ostrich meat) are all cheap, lean and full of the necessary Amino Acids that your body needs muscle
  • +1 Heat motor allows you to use any enclosure from 50 litres to 200 litres, has a heat and flow adjustment to suit..
  • +1 Completely electrically safe and certified
  • +1 Works on either 240VAC (Europe and Australia) and 120VAC (USA)
  • +1 No complicated settings, all fully automated and with adjustments from your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • +1 Use any enclosure that you want: a food-grade container from Home-Depot, Bunnings, Builders Warehouse or any cupboard or cabinet that you can find

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+1collision Check out this great video using a container from Home Depot, Bunnings etc:

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