Pulsar Neck Massager


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Description: What makes this neck massager great?

Like a professional masseuse, the action of the Pulsar Neck Massager gets to work instantly, soothing your stiff joints and tired muscles.

  • The gentle vibration from Pulsar helps improve your neck flexibility, enhances blood flow, reduces muscle soreness after exercise, builds strength and helps decrease the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Everyone will suffer from cervical spondylosis (a form of degeneration) at some stage in their lives and the prolonged use of anti-inflammatory medication for neck pain has many negative side affects including and not limited to stomach ulcers, kidney and liver problems. Regular use of the Pulsar Neck Massager will aide with muscle relaxation in the neck to reduce inflammation which leads to tension headaches..
  • The Pulsar Neck Massager compact size means that you can take your Pulsar Neck Massager with you to work, on the bus, on the plane, to the gym or wherever you may be going. Use it with or without the silicone pads for your sore back muscles.
  • The Pulsar Neck Massager uses 2 x AAA batteries so you'll never have to find a USB or plug point and you can get instant relief whether you're sitting at your office desk and straining your neck or need to relieve the stresses of a long day on your commute home or while you're watching TV.

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  • Material:ABS
  • Package size: 22.5X20X5cm
  • Electric impulse frequency: 0-1000Hz
  • Electric impulse width:20-400μs
  • Pulses frequency: 0Hz -1000Hz
  • Pulse width: 20us-400us
  • Power: 3VDC30mA
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA cells 
  • 1 x Neck Massager Machine
  • 2 x Massager Pads
  • 1 x Wire


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